Building Industry Leaders

Collaborating with entrepreneurs and management teams to take companies to the next level.


Advancing lower middle market companies into industry leaders is our only mission. Typically we start with platform companies generating between $5 million and $30 million in EBITDA.

Fairness and Partnering Treating all parties in a transaction fairly to create a “win-win” situation is a trademark of MC. We strive to develop a true sense of partnership between ourselves and the owners, management and employees of the companies in which we invest. We make every effort to align ourselves with management and employees to ensure that they have the opportunity to acquire a meaningful ownership stake in the company through implementing stock purchase, stock option and performance-based equity incentives.

Management Retains Operational Control While MC does not become involved with day-to-day operations, we are strong partners for growth. Our team is actively involved in assisting management in financial matters and executing acquisition strategies, allowing management to focus on successfully operating the company. We believe that this provides our portfolio companies with a significant advantage in implementing a successful growth strategy.


Our formula for success has three critical components:

Industry Expertise: We invest in sectors and in business models that are highly familiar to us, and where we can add meaningful perspective from past investment experience. 
This includes:
_ Marketing Services
_ Specialty Manufacturing
_ Specialty Distribution
_ Business Services

Management Partnership: Mountaingate requires that management hold a meaningful equity stake in each of its investments in order to ensure alignment and to facilitate a true partnership dialogue based on mutual respect and support.
Customer-Centered Buy-and-Build: We are aggressive growth investors, but we are also extremely rigorous about articulating a strategic plan based on a customer needs assessment, and measuring each growth opportunity against that plan.


How we invest is a reflection of our culture. It starts with pursuing control investments where we can have an impact, is embedded with an attitude of treating all parties in a transaction fairly and culminates in a strong working relationship with management teams to expand the current scope of a company’s products and services, operational capabilities and geographic footprint.

We align our interests with those of our senior management teams through meaningful equity incentive programs and look to provide sufficient capital necessary to complete a robust growth plan. Our primary objective is to be viewedas the “Partner of Choice” to the principals involved,including entrepreneurs, management teams, investment bankers, co-investors, lenders and key service providers.